Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Beginning of my BBQ & More Blog by a Beginner!

Hello to everyone and thanks for stopping by. I am not sure where this blog will go at this point because this is my 1st attempt at blogging. I do hope however to have some fun while at the same time making this interesting for everyone who takes the time to read it.

My favorite hobby is traveling the South looking for locally owned BBQ shacks and eateries serving homemade Tamale's but I also enjoy some form of almost all cuisines. So by all means if you are reading this and you know of a restaurant that you really enjoy in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisianna, The Florida pan handle, Tennessee The Carolinas, or Georgia please pass on as much information about the place(s) as you can. Do me a favor though if it is a franchise of any kind don't waste my time.

My interest in food goes beyond eating it because I enjoy cooking as much if not more than eating. One of the real pleasures in life is seeing other folks enjoying food that I have cooked. If I was forced to claim a specialty it would have to be Tennessee style pull pork BBQ but I also enjoy preparing a good homemade Italian, Greek, Cajun/Creole, Southern, Asian, Mexican/TexMex, meal along with a variety of sweets & attempting to decorate cakes.

If the planets & funding ever all align themselves properly I hope to open my own BBQ & Tamale shack somewhere in the Hattiesburg/Petal Mississippi area. Not only would I serve whole hog, hickory smoked open pit pulled pork BBQ & a variety of Homemade Tamales but also Slug / Grease Burgers (like you can buy in the Selmer Tn. & Corinth Ms. areas), Homemade Cakes, Homemade Pies, along with a limited short order breakfast menu. I have cooked in my moms cafe', a catfish joint, a couple of cajun/creole eateries, country clubs, & a nice Italian place but want to serve good fresh food that the everyday working class folks can afford.

Well thanks again for taking the time to read this, I may consider myself a good cook but by no means do I claim to be a good writer so please overlook any grammatical errors that I might have made in the post or will make in future ones.

Hope Ya'll have a great one,